2022 Asia University

Scholarship Program for Students from ASEAN Countries <Season 2>

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This Scholarship Covers

5 Years of Tuition and Fees


2 Years of Boarding Fees

International Share House Utility Fee

Schedule (Season 2)

Oct, 2021
Register and Apply
Nov, 2021
Online Interview
Dec, 2021
Interview Result Announcement
Mar, 2022
Coming to Japan
Apr, 2022
Start Studying in Intensive Japanese Course (1 yr)
Apr, 2023
Start Studying in Regular Undergraduate Course (4 yrs)
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Introduction of Asia University (https://www.asia-u.ac.jp)

Located in the middle of Tokyo. Founded in 1941.

At A Glance


Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of International Relations
Faculty of Urban Innovation
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Application and Admission Procedure (Season 2)

Oct 1-15, 2021
Application Period
Oct 29, 2021
Document Screening Result Announcement
Nov 22-26, 2021
Interview Test in Your Country
Dec 10, 2021
Final Result Announcement
Dec, 2021
Visa Application Procedure
Feb, 2022
Certificate of Eligibility Issued
Apr, 2022
AU Entrance Ceremony

Applicant Eligibility and Requirements

Any of ASEAN countries
Newly graduated from high school by March, 2022 or graduates between October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021
Academic background:
12 yrs of school education (11 yrs for Myanmar)
Japanese level:
JLPT N3 or N4 (N2 and N1 are NOT APPLICABLE)
Academic results of high school:
High performances (English score is mandatory)

Application Materials (Both Web Registration and Posting Mail of the following documents are required)

01. Application Form (5 pages / Handwriting)

02. Certificate of High School Graduation (or Expected Graduation)

03. Certificate of Current Enrollment (If you are a high school student)

04. Copy of High School Diploma (Do not send the original diploma)

05. Certificate of High School Academic Record (English score must be included)

06. Certificate of Japanese Study

07. Certificate of JLPT (N4 or N3) OR J.TEST OR NAT-TEST ※Please also read the "Application Guidelines".

08. Copy of Passport (If you have one)

09. Face Photo (4 leaves)

10. Certificate of Family Register

11. Following Documents regarding Financial Guarantor:

  1. Certificate of Employment
  2. Certificate of Income
  3. Certificate of Bank Deposit
  4. Certificate of Relationship to the Applicant

12. Japanese or English Translation (above all documents)

*The certificates and the documents must be issued within 3 months from application.

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